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Shocking discussions

The novel tells the facts of the
the economy of the
secret police.

Example discussion

The clock now seems to                                  10.30

The ferry operator walks home, in the kitchen
(Mind is down) and says to his wife.

- Lots of cars crossed the river by  means of the
ferry.  Cars are driving towards the church and
the graveyard.   There was a sadness  within
each person.

The ferry operator will open the radio  and
listen to the Free European radio   stations:
-  We hear a happy and honest  news from the

The ferry driver begins to eat but at the same
time sees a car coming in   front of the house.

- Mankind's the devil and sucker men
comes to us.

The ferry driver's wife:
- Who?

The ferry driver:
- A secret police.

The ferry driver's wife:

- Not my brother may say
of evil.

 The ferry driver:
- I hide as soon as the Danes and the Swedes
newspapers under the rug.
                         The clock shows        10.32

The Secret Police:
I'm going to check the coffin inside.

- Take me immediately with the ferry to the other
side   the river. Then I had time to go along with
the funeral and I check whether the person is
actually dead.   The time saving of 20 minutes.

The ferry operator does not move, it is silent and
drops a glasses on the dining room table.  He hides
ferry the ignition key in the milk container,  milk.

                        The clock shows 10.33.

The ferry driver:
- I have sat here and waited 1 hour    ferry engine

repair specialists. The engine went broken.  Fix It
promised to come immediately.

The secret police:

Quirky and skeptical loolossinkuljettaja_2_lasia.

- Your ears waved.

- Fiwe comes out of the kitchen and  calculates
juice glasses on a table.

- Please.

The secret police:

-  Why the second glass is
more drink?

-  I suspect that among the
glass is   something ...

-  Why did your wife looks
like a cunning-looking?

I do not drink poisoned
drink,  no thanks.


The enemy must not be, but do not let
me down.

The ferry driver's wife is in a separate room:

Wife sitting in front of the table and
paralyzed, cries - write a paper surface

insane man ...

The secret police:
Quirky, cunning, suspicious, confident gaze:
- Western countries have hired toxic to.

The secret police of persons attempting
poison in the socialist economy.

The secret police spits on the kitchen floor.
The secret police are viewing in the kitchen
around and sees American
product.    A ink Pen.

-  Here is the features of espionage when
using the US products?

The secret police to take the ferry driver's
glasses  by the hand and takes the spectacle lens
candle flame  on. Lens blackens and falls ...
lens splits the heat power of.

If you do not understand ...
you're insane man. 

The secret police:
-  People are paranoid and mentally ill, if
they do not accept the socialist  economy.
Dissidents are still of 20-40 million.

-  The man does not own the 2 opinions on the

Photograph, National Archives of Estonia, Al.
Estonian standard and quality of living  went


- Here, disseminated rumors and calls listened to.
Wrong argument that  the socialist system will
disappear   world down.

- Ideally Society. Do not oppress. Are not deprived.
- There is an eternal kingdom.  Geniuses have come
up with  State. The State communicates the right
information in the world.

- We are trained in truth every 2 weeks.
The socialist system will not do from the evil birds.
The people can not live  a dignified life.
The ferry operator said very gently:

- Freedom.

The secret police:

- Yes. We have the world's freest  society. Are not
deprived. In our schools is  Freedom to criticize the
Western world of evil.    We show the right  the
direction of humanity.